The Queer Language of Flowers

What was up with Oscar Wilde and green carnations? How can you tell someone you’ve got a Sapphic crush on them? Before there was 1-800-Flowers’s “say it with flowers” campaign, there were flower dictionaries that explained how to send messages to friends and lovers with flowers. While 19th century flower dictionaries focus on heteronormative romance, floriography—and sending coded messages—is hella queer. In this zine, we’ve included some famous historical flower meanings as well as invented some of our own for contemporary queer culture via art, literature, botany, and history.

The Queer Language of Flowers is available for purchase here.

– Risograph printed by Paper Press Punch in Seattle, WA.
– 8.5 x 5.5 inches.
– Essays by L.M. Zoller & Robin Elan
– Illustrations and layout Robin Elan